Expert Advice on How to Cut Costs When Hiring a Tree Service

Save Up

The fact that tree service is costly should not make you think that you can’t find great bargains that can save you a lot of money. Here are some of the tree experts’ most helpful hints, which have helped most homeowners save as much as 50 percent!

Make the most of the winter! The tree business is largely seasonal. This implies that in some months, contractors are entirely booked, and in others, they are nearly out of work. Understanding these times can dramatically reduce the amount of money you spend on tree removal! The optimum time to engage in this service is during the winter when most businesses are slow, and the summer, when demand for the services is high.

Remove impediments to better access. Poor access to your tree raises a contractor’s labor costs, which is reflected in their final price. To save money, eliminate everything that prevents a contractor from getting his or her machinery close to the tree.

Make sure the area around the tree is clear. Aside from accessibility and location, contractors will need ample room around the tree to make it easy to bring the branches to the ground. Contractors will charge you more if your home has very little room since their labor will be more expensive.

Volunteer to dispose of green garbage or clean up after yourself. You don’t have to pay a contractor to dispose of the timber once the tree has been cut down. You have the choice of hiring a skip, selling the timber as firewood, putting it in your green waste bin, or putting it out for pickup on the council garbage collection day.

Get a gardener to do it. There are some tree removal jobs that don’t require the expertise of an arborist. Your gardener should be fine taking care of trees that are short and little, defined as those that are less than 5 meters in height and have trunks that are less than 15 centimeters in diameter.

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